Monday, 21 November 2016

Confession Time: Planners 2017

So, I went a little overboard ordering some journals that I've wanted for a long time.

1. Hobonichi Cousin (A5)
- I am really excited about this one. It has Tomoe River paper, which is a very light (52 gms), yet fountain pen friendly paper. It does quite well in terms of bleed-through and feathering, and is acid-free. Some people complain about a bit of shadowing, though, which is natural considering how thin the paper is.

- I love how you can both plan your month, week (!) and day in this planner. This sounds like a lot of paper - especially considering that this planner covers the whole year of 2017, but this is where the genious of the Tomoe River comes in. The light paper allows for a much thinner planner, than it otherwise would have been with fountain pen friendly European paper. I also love the fact that the daily-planner-pages basically allows you to specifically set up appointments according to a whole 24 hr schedule, with 3-hour increments. It also has a "To-Do" list at the very top, with boxes that you can check off.

- I ordered the Japanese version here: Hobonichi Cousin 2017 (No affil.) The one I ordered is as mentioned a planner for the whole of 2017, but you can also get the "Cousin Avec" version, which are two seperate books covering 6-months. The original Hobonichi is in a A6 format, but I find that to be too small.

- A lot of people use these planners in very creative ways. A lot of people decorate them with washi tapes, watercolours and stamping.  Some used them as regular planners/journals, some use them as bulletpoint journals, while others use them more like a regular diary or as an art diary. For some inspiration, go check out: this YouTuber or this one (the last link is in German, but I think you'll still enjoy the video). You can also find lots of creative and inspirational pictures on Pinterest, as well as Facebook.

- For the fun of it, I ordered some waterbrushes from JetPens (No affil.) to play around with once the book gets here. Can't wait. I specifically ordered the Kuretake Zig Brush (Medium + Small).

2. Ink & Volt Planner 2017 (Pre-Ordered)
- This is a great planner when it comes to setting goals, planning your day and getting things done. It was previously known as the Spark Planner. I ordered mine from: here (No affil.). Fountain pen users will be happy to hear that this planner has fountain friendly paper - yay! I am very into goal-setting and self-development, and I feel this planner is perfectly aimed at this with seperate yearly, monthly and weekly goal-setting pages. They also have 30-Day-Challenges, as well as a Review Section for your goals. I also find it fascinating that this planner divides days into Morning - Noon - Night. I think this gives more freedom in terms of when to assign tasks during the day.

Both sites have some excellent pictures of the planners. Go check them out. I can't wait to try them out.